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Community Driven Software

eSynergy Solutions is a community-driven software business with three offerings:


1. Teams as a Service
We build teams & capability through our communities to drive software based outcomes for our customers increasing their speed of delivery.


2. Building Capability 
We leave our customers with an internal capability to deliver better software through an outcome-based approach.


3. Community offering 
Use our network to improve diversity, upskill your teams and raise your brand profile amongst 200,000+ experienced engineers through our events.


We support communities that use GCP, AWS, Azure, HashiCorp, Red Hat, Python, React Native and other Open Source and cloud technologies.


Adele Green

Community Manager

Working with organisations to raise their profile in the technical community and build diverse cross-functional teams. Offering community engagement to help support internal cross sharing of knowledge and external promotion to the wider tech scene.


Harriet Hadley

Community and Diversity Manager

A demonstrated history of working with organisations to achieve their goals. Skilled in Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Technology & Staffing. Passion for technology and innovation and Diversity in the workplace.



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Contact Us

50 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 3JY

Phone: 020 7444 4080